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Why Choose Steadfast Restoration?

How Well Does Mold Grow?

When mold enters your home, you find yourself dealing with a problem that’s both costly and dangerous. This is especially true if the problem is let fester to the point the mold grows out of hand. Understanding more about mold can help you keep you and your family safe though. Below are common places that mold grows:

Flood prone areas
Window sills
Anywhere water or moisture accumulates

Even if you are vigilant, mold can go undetected for quite sometime. It can even be growing under or behind surfaces (like behind wallpaper, or under carpet or floorboards, for example) making it difficult to detect. That is why we recommend routine mold inspections by an experienced professional.

If you are already seeing or smelling mold, then it may have already been developing for a while. Delaying treatment of a mold problem can cause the problem to become much more extensive and expensive, and it can even be a serious health concern – especially if there is black or toxic mold present!

How Do I Know If I Have Black Mold?

Black mold is caused by moisture. It reproduces as its small, lightweight spores travel through the air. This means that you’re exposed to it every day, but in small amounts this is harmless. However, when it lands on damp spots throughout your home it will start growing. It is nearly impossible to identify on site so whether these damp spots are caused by a small leak, moisture intrusion, or sudden water damage, there’s a definite problem you must deal with.

Our local technicians have years of experience identifying and removing toxic mold. If you have had recent flooding or water damage, or if you see or smell mold, or if you haven’t had a recent inspection…please call us right away!

Don’t take the risk of potentially living with black mold in your home. Some symptoms of prolonged exposure to toxic mold are:

– Breathing or lung related issues
– Allergies or unexplained allergic reactions – coughing, sneezing, etc
– Irritation of the eyes, nose, throat or skin
– Unusual fatigue or headaches that won’t go away

Does Mold Really Cause THAT Much Damage?
Unfortunately, it is possible for mold to do a lot of damage. This is especially true when you don’t get all the water dried up. When this happens, you may find yourself dealing with issues that include:

– Since water can travel, it can get into weird places where it’s difficult to dry so it continues doing further damage.
– When the area isn’t completely dried up, wood floors can twist, and drywall can bubble, warp, or stain. This can cause the black mold to return too.
– If the water isn’t properly dried up, you could experience secondary water damage.

This is why mold damage repair in Dublin is such an important part of this entire process. The first way of dealing with this is by getting a mold inspection in Dublin. Experts have a slew of tools in the arsenal to help you with this, including:

– A Borescope (digital camera) attached to snakelike tubing allows for damage to be seen and easily reached without compromising your home’s structure
– A digital moisture probe detects where moisture is entering your home
– A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum traps and filters small mold particulates on your home’s surfaces so you can properly dispose of them

One more thing…while there is a reasonable fee for our inspection, you can count on our local technician to be prompt, courteous, professional and NOT pressure you into a contract.

How Much Does Mold Removal in Dublin Cost?
We think it’s important for any potential clients to understand that there are several variables that can affect the overall cost of your particular case. Depending on what your mold testing in Dublin determines, you’ll find that you have two options: mold removal or mold remediation.

With mold removal in Dublin, you will simply treat the surface, whereas with remediation, you will dig a little deeper to remove the problem’s source, too. The location of the mold in your home will determine whether you need removal or remediation – something an expert can help you with so contact us today.

The cost of your service will vary depending on these factors as well as the overall size of the job. So, it is impossible to provide precise cost figures without first completing an in-person inspection.

Call us for a no obligation phone consultation. We are happy to discuss your needs and help you determine what, if any, of our services would be of benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you clean up mold yourself?

The location of the mold plays a major role in how to clean it up. For example, you will need to use different tools depending on the location of the mold. Though you can clean mold by yourself, it is a dangerous undertaking and not something we recommend. When you scrub mold, it releases mold particles into the air, which you may breathe in. To prevent this, it is always better to opt for a professional cleanup team to help you with mold contamination. A professional cleanup team will make sure your home is safe from mold spores while they clean up.

2. What is the best product to kill mold?

You can purchase products specifically designed for killing mold or you can use products that you have already lying around your house. However, it’s best to get the mold inspected first to see the extent of the damage and to make sure the mold you have isn’t black mold. Generally, pre-made products will cost you a little more, but the price tag may be worth the investment depending on how serious your mold contamination is. However, serious mold contaminations require extra attention. In many circumstances, mold will come back if not handled properly. This is why we recommend leaving mold cleanup to the experts. We can make sure your mold problems don’t keep reoccurring after cleaning up.

3. Could I use bleach or vinegar to kill mold?

When it comes to mold, not all contaminations are the same. Some contaminations infect far past the surface you can see mold while others are simple surface contaminations. To decide whether bleach or mold is the best product for getting rid of mold contamination, you need to take note of the surface the contamination is on. For contaminations on porous areas like wood, vinegar is best to kill mold while the bleach is better for harder surfaces. Though you can use these products to kill mold, there is no way to know if you have killed the source of the mold. A professional mold remediation team can help you clean mold and make sure it never comes back by locating the cause of mold growth.

4. Do I need a mold inspection?

Chances are if you haven’t ever had a mold inspection, you need one. Many people think their houses are free from mold, but this often is not the case. If you live in an older house, there is a good chance that there is mold growing somewhere unseen in the crawlspace or even the sheathing of your home. However, even modern houses aren’t safe from mold contamination. Many builders try their best to make sure mold doesn’t grow in their buildings, but it is impossible for houses to stay mold-free without taking very thorough measures. A mold remediation team can locate mold inside your home, even if it is not visible.