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How Rapidly Does Mold Grow?

Mold isn’t a problem that any homeowner wants to deal with. After all, it’s the kind of problem that can cause damage to a building and cause significant issues for your family. If you have a mold problem that has been around for some time, you may also be dealing with a problem that has grown wildly out of hand. That’s why it’s essential to understand how mold grows and why it needs to be taken care of.

Mold generally likes to grow in dark, dank places. That’s why most people immediately think of the places in which mold grows as areas like basements, bathrooms, and around window sills. If there are leaks, you can also see mold in walls, under floors, and in any area where water might congregate in your house.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to see mold growing. Since mold can grow underneath and behind various surfaces, you may not see the initial growths of mold. That’s why you need a professional inspection to determine where mold might be in your home.

The bad news is that if you can see or smell mold, you already have a significant mold problem. If you have reached this point, you must go ahead and make an appointment to have the mold dealt with by a professional. Failure to do so could lead to significant health problems.

What You Need To Know About Black Mold?

Black mold is one of the significant fears of many homeowners. Created by moisture, it reproduces easily and invisibly. Black mold is insidious because you breathe it in any time you are at home. As it grows, you’re exposed to it more often, and you can develop various medical issues.

Black mold is toxic. It is known to cause breathing issues in many, exacerbate allergies, irritate eyes and throat, or even cause headaches that never go away. This is undoubtedly the kind of problem that needs a quick solution, but the only way to get the type of help you need is to ensure that you work with professionals who are willing to do the job correctly.

How Much Damage Does Mold Cause?

At this point, you may be primarily concerned about the health problems that form mold. In truth, though, there are also home damage problems about which you might want to worry. If you cannot deal with your mold and water damage, you might have to deal with a number of major problems.

One major issue you’ll notice with mold and water damage is that it moves. Once it starts moving, it’s harder to track down and harder to dry off. When water damage isn’t taken care of, you’ll have to deal with the potential warping of wooden floors or damage to drywall. Even worse, these problems could continue to grow and lead to even more mold.

You must get your mold damage taken care of as soon as possible. The best way to do this is by getting the areas where mold might be hiding inspecte3d by professionals who have the proper tools to do the job, including those that allow them to detect mold even if it isn’t immediately apparent to the naked eye.

It’s also important to remember that there is going to be a cost attached to your mold inspection in Livermore. We charge a reasonable fee for our inspections, though, and that fee includes service by professional technicians who know how to treat customers correctly. Our mold testing in Livermore can quickly diagnose the problem.

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost in Livermore?

As with any professional service, mold removal does have an associated cost. There are a number of different factors that will end up impacting that cost, though, and your individual inspection may cost more or less than those of others you know. A major factor determining your total costs is whether you need mold remediated or removed.

Mold removal tends to be a more straightforward process. It simply involves treating the surfaces on which mold can grow. Remediation, however, means going deeper and going toward the source of the mold problem. Where the mold in your home is located will determine whether you need remediation or removal, and what you need will also determine exactly how much the process will cost.

As you might imagine, the size of your job is also going to determine the cost of having a mold inspection done. If you have a large home or a larger space where the inspection must be carried out, the assessment will naturally cost more. Because the space size does matter, it isn’t possible to provide any kind of precise cost for mold inspection, remediation, or removal until you have an in-person inspection done.

If you want more information, you can always call us for a no-cost consultation. We can help you to determine what kind of help you might need as well as whether we will be able to help you with your current concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I clean up mold myself?

This is a tougher question to answer than you might think. First and foremost, the answer to this question is largely going to depend on where the mold is located. If the mold is located in a place that you can easily reach and clean, you can at least get the mold off of the surface. It is important to remember, though, that scrubbing away mold from an area will actually cause mold spores to fly into the air and may lead to it growing elsewhere. That is why it is generally so important to get a professional in to help you with the mold cleaning process.

2. What are the best products to eliminate mold?

There are plenty of products out there that claim that they can kill mold. Before you make any kind of purchase, though, you need to figure out whether you have black mold and whether the mold has caused the kind of damage that might need serious remediation.

If you are able to clean the mold, you should look for a pre-made mold cleaning product in order to deal with a mild mold contamination. These products do tend to cost a fair bit more than DIY solutions, but they also tend to be far more effective at dealing with mold. Remember, mold that isn’t properly dealt with is mold that is liable to come back, so you will almost certainly want the help of a professional to ensure that your mold problems go away for good.

3. Can I kill mold using bleach or vinegar?

Mold contamination tends to be a bit different depending on the surfaces on which the mold grows. If you can see mold, you may be dealing with a contamination that goes past the surface and that requires a little more help than simple bleach or vinegar can provide. With that said, looking at the surface on which the mold is growing will allow you to determine which product to use for cleaning. If you are dealing with mold that is growing on something porous, you will want to use vinegar in order to kill the infestation. If you are dealing with mold on something that is harder, though, you will want to use bleach. In either case, you may still want to work with a professional to ensure that your cleaning efforts don’t go to waste when and if the mold starts to return.

4. How do I know if I need mold inspection?

Most people don’t think about mold, and they certainly assume that there is no mold if they can’t see the substance. Most older homes that have never had a mold inspection are like to need one, if only because there is a better chance that mold is growing unseen somewhere in the home. If you have a newer home, though, you may still need a mold inspection just because you can’t be one hundred percent sure that there wasn’t some kind of water exposure during the building process. Simply put, virtually any home that has never had any kind of mold inspection problem needs one just to ensure that there is no mold present in the home.

4. Do you offer Commercial Mold Removal in Livermore?

Yes. Steadfast Restoration Services provides commercial mold remediation in Livermore. The inspection, remediation, and removal process is the same as our residential clients, but on a larger scale and time frame.

5. What are your service areas in Livermore?

Steadfast offers mold remediation services in the following zip codes and neighborhoods in Livermore:

Zip codes: 94550
Neighborhoods: Sandhurst, Tempo, Carlton Square, Granada Park, Murrieta Meadows, Granada Woods, Sunset West, Three Fountains, Prima, The Oaks, Lindenwood, Summerset, Northside Livermore Area, Southside Livermore Area, Leland Heights, The Meadows, Amber Ridge, Estate Collection, Montrose, Portola Glen, Jensen Tract, Windmill Springs, Brookmeadow, Autumn Valley, Rancho Arroyo, Rhonewood, Stratford Park, Coventry, Birchwood Park, Jensen Tract, Sunset East, Shadowbrook, Whispering Pines, Kristopher Ranch, Falbrooke, Alden Lane, Portofino, The Vineyards/Custom Homes, Ponderosa Legacy, Vinsanto, Sevillano, Los Olivos, The Corners, Twin Oak Estates, The Vineyards, Dunsmuir, Private Reserve, Tapestry, Arroyo Crossing, Altamar Meadows, Creekside, Scenic Links, Maralisa Courtyard, Maralisa, Millcreek, The Bluffs, The Cottages, Rose Gate Common, Saddleback, Proud Country, Parklane Estates, Villa Chardonnay, Danbury, Recency, Springtown, Spring Valley, Capistrano, Avondale, Greenville North, Monticello, Ridgecrest, Dover Place, Arrowhead Estates, Park Place, Sterling Reserve, Vintage Collection, Wagner Farms.