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Typical Areas for Mold Growth to Occur

As soon as you find mold within your home, you will quickly have a problem on your hands that may become a threat to your health and your home. Plus, this threat can become expensive to eliminate if mold growth becomes significant. When you understand mold better, you can keep your home better protected and your family healthy. Generally, the areas for mold growth include the following:

-Window sills
-Damp basements
-Humid Spaces
-Any other damp areas

No matter how well you are on the lookout for mold, it can easily sneak in unnoticed. In fact, it can even grow in places that you may not even think of, such as underneath the floorboard or carpeting. When we don’t think about these places, the chances of mold spreading and worsening can increase. This is why an inspection for mold should be conducted routinely by a mold specialist.

When you begin to have a mold attack, you can smell it once it has gotten out of hand. By failing to get the mold treated in time, you can expect it to cause significant damage and cost more over time.

What About Black Mold?

When black mold is present, it will be caused by a moisture buildup. The mold then spreads through the air through pores that land throughout the home. With this spreading, you and your family are exposed to it daily. However, it only becomes a major threat to health if the amount is significant.

Despite this, if the mold develops in a damp area, it can proliferate and you may not even know it is there until you notice health problems suddenly.

With many years of experience in mold removal, we will quickly identify the places where black mold usually hides.

When you have been exposed to any toxic mold, the health symptoms that you may experience include the following:

-Constant headaches
-Sudden allergies
-Difficulty breathing
-Skin irritation

What Can Mold Do to Your Home?

When you have mold in the home, the damage it causes can be troublesome to hear. It can even be more so when the area is partially dry. When the moisture is not dried up completely, the water can easily carry mold spores to other areas through absorption. Further damage may include:

A twisting of wood flooring, bubbling, staining, or warping drywall can occur when the area is not dry. Secondary water damage can take place if the moisture is not removed

When you have mold removal services, it can quickly remove the moisture before any onset of mold takes place and reduce the amount of damage. We can utilize a few tools during the mold testing in San Ramon that will help locate mold and determine its amount of damage.

-Using a Borescope, we can view a camera screen to see the visible mold and enable us to reach it for removal without causing structural damage to the home.
-Using HEPA vacuums to filter trapped mold for removal from surfaces
-Moisture probes detect moisture digitally and find its entry point

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost in San Ramon?

When you are concerned about mold growth, it is a good idea to be aware of other reasons that may cause a high cost for removal. This will depend on the mold type involved and its proper removal process. Usually, there are two options available when it comes to mold. The first option is removal, which consists in treating the area where the mold is growing. The second option is remediation, which involves removing the mold’s root cause. The mold’s location will determine the need for removal or mold remediation in San Ramon.

When it comes to the cost, it will be determined by the factors above and by the overall amount of mold that is present. Knowing this, it is a good idea to conduct an in-person inspection to determine the overall cost.

When you recognize that you have a problem with mold, you need to be in contact with a professional mold removal company. With Steadfast Restoration Services, we’ll get your mold situation inspected and a plan set in place that will have the mold eliminated in a fast and affordable manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I remove the mold myself?

The hardest part of mold removal is knowing where the mold is and being able to reach it safely. This means you will need to have specific tools available. If you don’t have the right tools that become your eyes, you will not even know if you can’t see it. If you find visible mold and decide to clean and remove it, you need to do it controlled because the mold spores can spread through the air while you scrub the area. To ensure that spores do not spread by accident, you are better off calling a professional to remove the mold.

2. Are there mold products I can use for removal?

Many products on the market can kill mold, so removal and cleanup can be more straightforward. Despite this, it is recommended that an inspection be conducted beforehand to determine the amount of mold that may be present. Also, the inspection can determine the type of mold. Some products may work better on black mold while others may not so it is a good idea that the right product is used for mold removal. Plus, when the right product is used, it will help prevent mold from returning.

3. Can bleach kill the mold?

As far as mold is concerned, many types exist and could take refuge in your home. While many molds can be on the surface, others may make their way into porous material deep inside wood. By using bleach, it may not reach deep inside beyond the surface. So it is best for just surface mold. While using bleach is a good method to kill mold, you may not know if the mold is ultimately killed and eliminated from within the surface. When a professional comes in, they can remediate the situation and remove the mold so that it does not return.

4. Do I need a mold inspection?

When you have never had an inspection of mold, it is a good idea to have one, just in case. This is because you can only be safe if the home seems clean from the outside. You can probably assume mold will be present when the house is older. If this is the case, then an inspection will be a good idea to locate any mold present. The mold inspection in San Ramon will examine the entire home interior, such as the basement and crawlspace. When the home is modern, the builder will do everything possible to prevent mold growth. However, it can be impossible to completely eliminate the chance. The inspection will make the invisible mold visible so cleanup can begin quickly.

4. Do you offer Commercial Mold Removal in San Ramon?

Steadfast Restoration Services has provided commercial mold remediation in San Ramon for dozens of businesses. The process is similar to our residential services, simply on a larger scale.

5. What are your service areas in San Ramon?

Steadfast offers mold remediation services in the following zip codes and neighborhoods in San Ramon:

Zip codes: 94582, 94583